CASE 1    |    Sierra Burnes

CASE 2    |    Shirley Carter

CASE 3    |    Bradley Leonard (Butch) Sampson

CASE 4    |    Henry and Ertha Williams

CASE 5    |    Sherman (Red) Yoder

CASE 6    |    Charles Robert (Chip) Jones


CASE 8    |   Mrs. Millie Larsen

CASE 9    |    Ms. Julia Morales

CASE 10    |    Miss Patricia Verloren

CASE 11    |    Abel 

CASE 12    |    Heddy

CASE 13    |    NAME

CASE 14    |    NAME

CASE 15    |    NAME

CASE 16    |    NAME

CASE 17    |    NAME


Case Created by:

ATSU Origins of the Interprofessional Collaborative Case
The concept and content of this interprofessional case collaboration was developed by A.T Still University’s (ATSU) Office of Interprofessional Education and Collaboration. The foundations of the case come from the National League of Nursing ACES cases, which have been significantly elaborated upon by the ATSU interprofessional design team. ATSU has shared this case collaboration model and case materials with VIPE to support the development, growth and implementation of interprofessional education. For questions regarding the interprofessional cases or the case collaboration model please contact


Your team is about to take over the care of Mr. Henry Williams who was admitted to Poplar Bluff Regional Medial Center 5 days ago with an acute episode of shortness of breath as a result of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Henry is about to enter a week long stay for pulmonary rehabilitation. 
Your task is to:

1. Create an interprofessional team to care for Henry during his pulmonary rehabilitation stay. 
2. Plan for Henry’s discharge back into the community.

In developing the care for Henry please ensure that you consider:

The composition of the team, identifying the roles and responsibilities of those involved

  • How you will ensure effective teamwork
  • How you will ensure effective communication
  • How you will ensure that you place the interests of Henry and his family at the center of interprofessional health care delivery. 
  • How you will plan for quality improvement and patient safety