CASE 1    |    Sierra Burnes

CASE 2    |    Shirley Carter

CASE 3    |    Bradley Leonard (Butch) Sampson

CASE 4    |    Henry and Ertha Williams

CASE 5    |    Sherman (Red) Yoder

CASE 6    |    Charles Robert (Chip) Jones


CASE 8    |   Mrs. Millie Larsen

CASE 9    |    Ms. Julia Morales

CASE 10    |    Miss Patricia Verloren

CASE 11    |    Abel 

CASE 12    |    Heddy

CASE 13    |    NAME

CASE 14    |    NAME

CASE 15    |    NAME

CASE 16    |    NAME

CASE 17    |    NAME

The Case

About Mr. Sampson

PictureMr. Sampson (Bradley Leonard Sampson) has been in hospital for the last 7 days. He was admitted because of an infected foot. He had attended the local Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Office, where he prefers to have his healthcare needs dealt with, when he noticed he had green pus coming from the big toe on his left foot, he previously had lost 2 toes on this foot. When he was assessed it was discovered that not only was his foot infected but his diabetes was not under control.

Over the last few years he  has developed a trusting relationship with John Goodman, a social worker at the Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Office, and after some reassurance from John, he was persuaded to go to the VA hospital to have his foot looked at and to try to get his diabetes under control.

Mr Sampson’s Home Town

PictureMr. Sampson  currently lives in Phoenix, AZ. He was born in Memphis, Missouri and lived there until he entered the Navy. After leaving the Navy, he returned to Memphis and married his high school sweetheart Nadean. He began working in bridge construction across the country. This took him away from home for long periods. Depression and occasional panic attacks negatively impacted his marriage and ability to work.  He and Nadine divorced and he moved to Phoenix Arizona to find work in the winter months and make a new start for himself. He found a home and a job, and he even remarried. He and his wife June were happy together but began to have difficulties. The loud noises in Butch’s work environment made his tinnitus much worse and caused him problems in focussing on work tasks and he eventually lost his job. He managed well for some time but after he and June divorced, he struggled emotionally and financially. He eventually lost his home and ended up in temporary housing arranged by the VA. The rules at the facility were too restrictive for Butch, and he struggled with the no-smoking rule. He has been experiencing homelessness for the last 5 years. He lives under an overpass in central Phoenix. He has a good friend Joe that he trusts.

Listen to Mr. Sampson Tell His Story

Hear from Mr Sampson’s friend Joe

John Goodman, a social worker who knows Butch well, shares some information